The Friends have partnered with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to bring books to Wareham's children at no cost. Through an extensive fundraising program, the Friends are able to purchase these books, which are mailed to each child at their home. Book delivery begins within two months after registration and continue until the child's fifth birthday.

REGISTRATION is free, but there are several requirements that must be met.
1. The child must be a resident of Wareham.
2. The child must be between the ages of birth to 4.5 years old to register.

Register at either the Main Library or the Spinney Branch Library. Or register your child at the Friends Used Book Sales, and other fundraisers.

For only $25 a year, you can sponsor a Wareham child from birth to 5 years old to receive one free book each month mailed to that child's home!

This is our third year in Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, and we have 300 registered children so far! That means that we need to raise $25 for each of the five years the child is in the program, and we need to raise funds for each new child we register. Dolly Parton pays the rest of the cost and the mailing fees! How cool is she? Dolly believes reading=success in life!

Please consider sponsoring one or more of our youngest children to help them become reading-ready for kindergarten. Studies show that exposure to reading at the youngest ages not only helps to instill a love of reading, but is a strong indicator of future academic success.

Mail your check to Friends of the WFL, P.O. Box 735, Wareham, MA 02571